With the cooler months behind us, it’s the beer enthusiast’s favourite time of year: fresh summer brews! This summer, we aimed to give back to the LGBTQAI+ community, and have collaborated with three exceptional breweries to create unique, limited-edition brews. Each beer sold from June to September will contribute $1 to a designated LGBTQAI+ organization, allowing beer enthusiasts to make a difference with every sip.

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Village Brewing Rainbrew Sour IPA for End of the Rainbow Foundation – Alberta Locations

The Rainbrew Sour IPA is the perfect summer pucker-up, thanks to our friends at Village Brewing. This unique brew delivers a refreshing and tangy taste that will surely quench your thirst. This 5.5% brew is supporting End of the Rainbow Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to LGBTQAI+ individuals and their families. The organization is dedicated to supporting a wide variety of people:

“Our services are driven by a strength and resilience approach. We believe that all people of sexually diverse people are inherently strong and resilient. Our services are orientated toward ensuring that people’s basic needs, belonging and relation needs are addressed.” Visit endoftherainbow.ca to learn more about how you can support their work across Alberta now.


North Point Brewing Summer of Love Peach Hefe for QMUNITY – BC Locations

The geniuses at North Point Brewing did not disappoint on this recipe: prepare yourself for a taste explosion! This limited-edition 6.0% hefeweizen combines the fruity goodness of 200lbs of peach purée with the smoothness of a traditional German wheat beer. Summer Of Love Hefe is championing QMUNITY: BC’s queer, trans, and Two-Spirit resource centre, providing safe space for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks and their allies through their 3 pillar goals: Support, Connection and Leadership.

“We believe in a person’s right to define their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We value our complex, intersectional identities, and operate from an anti-oppression framework.” Check out their awesome “Summer Of Love 23” program at qmunity.ca or follow on Instagram at @QMUNITY.


Something In The Water Brewing Stray Bow DIPA for Rainbow Railroad – Ontario Locations

Something In The Water Brewing have created a little bit of misty magic – the Stray Bow DIPA. This double IPA combines an array of tropical flavors, showcasing the breweries’ dedication to crafting unique and bold beers. “Spray Bow DIPA is named after that rainbow that comes out of a waterfall,” says the SITW team, “a big 8.2% thiol-boosted beer hopped with Belma, Zappa, Cryo Mosaic, Mosaic, and Ontario Cascade.” This brave brew is supporting Rainbow Railroad, an international organization, founded in 2006 in Toronto, with a mission to help LGBTQI+ people around the world find safety from persecution and violence.

“As a result of Rainbow Railroad, “the organization says, “more LGBTQI+ individuals can access lives free from persecution, and ultimately, we envision a world where LGBTQI+ people can live lives of their choosing, free from persecution.” Learn more about their amazing work at rainbowrailroad.org.

The Community Brew Program summer partnership runs from June to September, ensuring that beer enthusiasts have ample time to savor these delectable brews while supporting a meaningful cause. By enjoying these limited-edition beers, individuals can help create a more inclusive society, provide a safe and seen space, and vital assistance to LGBTQAI+ organizations.

Do The Right Thing this summer and ask for the good tap: your local Community Brew.


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