The huge beer selection. The delicious eats. The amazing patios. Everyone has their own favourite thing about their local CRAFT Beer Market. But we’re not just the perfect spot to gather with friends and family for any occasion. There’s a whole lot more to CRAFT than meets the eye. Here’s 5 reasons that will have you falling in love with us just a little bit more:

CRAFT is an acronym

Most people don’t know that CRAFT actually stands for (C)ommunity, (R)esponsible, (A)pproachable, (F)amily and (T)rue, the core values that are paramount to our commitment to “Do The Right Thing”. CRAFT strives to provide positive contributions to our communities through our charitable initiatives, sustainable practices and overall community involvement. We have an obligation to ourselves, our guests and our planet to operate using ethical business practices, and create an inviting atmosphere that is genuine and approachable at all times for our guests, team members and vendors. We support fellow team members, our guests and our suppliers as we would our own family, and CRAFT pledges to remain true to these commitments in all aspects of our business.

Our food Matters

DSG0304 scaled e1684947416173We take pride in what we serve and how we serve it. Good food, good mood means more than just putting something tasty on a plate or in a glass. As the largest Level 2 LEAF-certified restaurant in Canada, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint in everything we do, including less packaged product and refillable glass growlers. Our commitment to the environment extends to our fresh menu too. We’ve partnered with Ocean Wise Seafoodserving sustainable seafood options in all our locations as well as with Mercy For Animals as part in support of our Better Chicken Commitment. Since amazing things grow right in our backyards, we’re committed to using fresh local ingredients in our made-from-scratch dishes too.

Community is paramount

While boasting some of the largest and unique on-tap selections in Canada is pretty cool (each of our locations has a different, localized selection), we’re also thrilled to support our community in more direct ways. Carrying local beers, wines and spirits helps start-up businesses, our team regularly volunteers with organizations like Ronald McDonald Houses of Canada, and we even have a tap dedicated to raising funds for neighbourhood charities. The Community Brew program allows us to partner with a local brewery and create a unique one-off beer in support of a new charity each quarter. $1 from every Community Brew sold is directly donated back to those in need in each one of our cities. Check out our Menu for your local Community Brew to see who we’re supporting right now! 


DSG3364 scaled e1684947188942You can CRAFT your own path here. Growing our CRAFT community means more than just our business, it’s about growing our people. Whether your passion is dishing out delicious food, serving up amazing experiences or being the “behind the scenes” creator, our Culinary, Service and Head Office teams are ready to support you every step of your journey. The CRAFT Careers program offers great perks like travel, relocation opportunities, education programs, rewards, perks and so much more. Want to join our growing team? Visit our Careers Page now to see opportunities and apply. 

We’re growing!

CRAFT has grown a lot since our launch in 2011, though we’re still proud to be your local go-to.. Spanning 3 provinces and 7 cities, CRAFT now boasts 9 locations and counting. We love that almost all of our restaurants are located in historic buildings or city districts that have long been a gathering spot for socializing and celebration. And though we’re thrilled with how far we’ve come, we stay true to being an independent company, owned and operated by our co-founder/owner PJ L’Heureux and co-owner Scott Frank.

CRAFT Beer Market is a place where fresh local food, craft beer and a little something extra all come together under one roof. We can’t wait for your next visit!

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